The meaning of Hʌrikən                                        LOGO_HARIKEN
Hʌrikən is the phonetic transcription of hurricane. 
What a hurricane is and how it arises, you can read in the internet - we do not want to bore you with that. 
The reason why we choose the name Hʌrikən is the following:
Nowadays the world seems to experience many natural disasters. 
As long as we live on this planet, everybody can be caught up in such disasters.
The more human civilisation is changing the world, the natural disasters seem to get harsher and harsher. 
The question is, how we recover and evolve from those catastrophes.
What conclusion do we draw from those disasters?
Hʌrikən stands not only for the arise of enormous power, but for the ability to bear with throwbacks and loss, to learn and to get stronger.
When did you start?

Hʌrikən Kimonos was established in 2017

We practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with heart and passion.

Through the selection of the finest material, our BJJ GIs  are a longlife companion for training, competitions and journeys.

Have fun with our kimonos.


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